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*** Fixed the crush on AutoTiles Editor!! ***

Double Precision  Auto Tiles are implemented (works like rpgmaker auto tiles)

added Copy Paste with Ctrl+c Ctrl+v

*** fixed a few bugs including a bad performance issue ***



Would Appriciate Any Dontaion =]




21/5/2012 New Update

Please Leave A comment about what you like/dislike about the program, its free and it will help me improve

Example Image:


Full Image >

Tile Sets (Taken from RPG maker, not my in any way):

19/4/2012 9:25

New Release:

  • Fully GPU accelerated drawing =]
  • animated tiles working good =]

see the data grid at work (example of the boolean data grid as a "walkable" data)


The project started at 3/22/2012

currently it can:

  • Load multiple Tile Set
  • manage lots of maps with as many layers as wanted
  • Define and Draw Auto Tiles (2 types)
  • Define and Draw Animated Tiles (with FPS control)
  • add custom data on every map / Tile Set
  • add custom data on every tile (as string string dictionary)
  • save / load maps
  • zoom (with mouse wheel)
  • set opacity level of each layer while editing
  • show/ hide grid
  • Undo/Redo
  • Select Mode with:
    • Fill Option
    • Copy Option
    • Paste Option
  • Paint Mode - for simple artists =]
  • copy/paste

next releases:
more save types (known formats)
more drawing features
 save plug-ins, so you could save the maps for your games in your formats

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